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Category Archives: Trademark Copyright Infringement


When Can You Recover Treble Damages in a Trademark Infringement Claim?

By L.A. Perkins |

As defined by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), trademark infringement is the unauthorized commercial use of another party’s valid trademark or service mark in a manner that is likely to cause confusion in the mind of a reasonable consumer. You can hold a violator legally liable through a trademark infringement claim…. Read More »

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Three Things to Know About the ‘Fair Use’ Doctrine

By L.A. Perkins |

Under United States copyright law, the creators of original works are entitled to exclusive rights over the reproduction and commercial distribution of the work. Copyright protection is a valuable form of intellectual property. That being said, there are some notable limitations to the law. Perhaps the most important is the fair use doctrine. In… Read More »

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