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Boca Raton Intellectual Property Attorney
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Boca Raton Intellectual Property Attorney / Boca Raton Patent Expert Witness

Boca Raton Patent Expert Witness

Florida Patent Lawyer Providing Expert Opinions and Testimony in Boca Raton

In patent litigation, the testimony of an expert witness can be invaluable in proving your case or refuting claims made by the other party. An experienced Boca Raton expert witness can serve as an esteemed asset to a patent infringement claim or defense. If you have litigation pending or potential in South Florida, act quickly to retain a qualified expert to consult with you on the facts of your case and trial strategy and provide expert testimony and opinions as needed.

Patent Law is a Highly Technical and Complex Area of Law

Even among attorneys who practice intellectual property law, patent law is a field of practice unto itself, separate and distinct from trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and other IP issues. Only attorneys who have passed the patent bar exam, also known as the Examination for Registration to Practice in Patent Cases, are allowed to file for patents and practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). In the case of patent infringement litigation or other enforcement actions, it takes a special set of skills to be able to communicate and explain the highly technical details and complex factual and legal issues involved, whether speaking to a judge, jury or professional arbitrator.

Attorney Robert Pershes of Perkins Pershes, PLLC is a registered patent attorney with the USPTO, as well as an experienced professional arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association with a mechanical engineering background as a Professional Engineer. Mr. Pershes is available to consult with you on your case and provide testimony in depositions or at trial or arbitration hearings. Mr. Pershes has the professional and legal background to cogently and expertly render a professional opinion, combined with the disposition and demeanor to deliver testimony in a compelling, convincing manner. He has been retained as an expert and qualified by courts and has written expert opinions and reports on patent and copyright infringement. Mr. Pershes has testified at trial on various patent matters, and his testimony was proven pivotal in a case which resulted in an award of millions of dollars to the party which retained him. Contact Perkins Pershes, PLLC to retain the services of Mr. Pershes as an expert in your patent litigation or trial.

A Patent Expert Provides Assistance Throughout Litigation

Patent documents and other records have little to no impact standing alone, and simple, conclusory statements are not sufficient to prove or refute an element of patent infringement. You need an expert who does the work to understand your case and render a full, objective opinion based on the facts. In addition to providing testimony as needed at depositions, trials and arbitrations, a Boca Raton expert witness can help your case in a number of other ways:

  • Research and investigate your patent issue
  • Play an active part in pretrial strategy conferences
  • Consult with you in pre-trial and trial stages
  • Review and organize the documents in your case
  • Assist in responding to complex discovery requests
  • Review deposition transcripts
  • Prepare exhibits and demonstrative aids
  • Draft reports

Contact a Boca Raton Expert Witness

For help understanding the complex, technical issues in your Boca Raton patent law case, formulating an effective pre-suit trial strategy, or retaining an expert witness for deposition, trial or arbitration, contact Perkins Pershes, PLLC to schedule a consultation with an experienced and qualified patent lawyer expert witness.

This is not intended to provide legal advice, as each circumstance is fact specific as to how the law applies. Advice from a knowledgeable attorney should be obtained.

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